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At Khao Sok Jungle Life Camp


We take pride in our knowledgeable educators, local guides, and farmers. We can’t wait for you to meet them!


Mike is our Camp Director. He has been working in outdoor education since he was a teenager and has been living in Thailand for 10 years, during which time he has worked with many schools from around the world delivering educational programs to an international standard. He is passionate about adventure, sustainability and culture.  Mike is a qualified kayaking and climbing instructor, and is Wilderness Advanced First Aid trained. He believes that outdoor learning is the most powerful form of education and strives to give his students an experience they will never forget.


Gai has been a guide for the past 15 years and is one of our most experienced Birding guides. His heart is in the jungle, and Gai also loves spending his free time photographing nature. His dream is to make Khao Sok accessible for everyone and plans on someday offering tours for disabled people. At the Life Camp, Khun Gai educates from Soil Assessments over Birdwatching to Survival Skills and is highly committed to make sure everyone leaves the camp with more knowledge and stoked on nature.


Love is an enthusiastic guide and very much enjoys spending time in nature, discovering exotic species of animals and plants. With a Master degree in Ecology from Songkhla University and many hands on experiences as Research Assistant for Marine and Fresh Water Conservation Projects, he’s been working with the National Park Authorities on conducting Ranger and Guide Trainings. While being at Our Jungle Life Camp, he enjoys taking students to the river for Water Quality and Animal Assessments.


Having grown up surrounded by rice fields as his parents were rice farmers, he has a strong personality due to his upbringings (helping his family with their business during his childhood) and fully embraces life as it comes with its ups and downs, prepared to face any challenge coming his way. With a good amount of time spent being a nature guide, he likes to bring out students into the outdoors, where he educates about foraging, survival skills and the unique animals who call Khao Sok National Park home.


Ed, our fun and energetic-driven tour guide, loves joking around in the English language. He follows his passion for insects, birds and animals in his career, and feels truly at home in nature.


Plar is one of our experienced bird watching guides, loves to go camping in her free time, and also very much enjoys trekking along the various trails in Khao Sok National Park. In her main job she works as an consultant for the Agriculture Department on training and development for local farmers, her professional skills she also applies during class room and farming lessons at Our Jungle Life Camp.


Born and raised in the Khlong Saeng Community forest, she has returned after studying and working in the tourism industry for over 10 years to lead the local Community-Based Tourism outreach. She loves to share her knowledge about the natural area, the history of Cheow Lan Lake as well as cater to local Thai hospitality. She is highly skilled on the loom and can tell you all about the different patterns and weaving methods, still commonly practiced in the local area.


Born in Khao Sok, he has been working as a guide for over 12 years. He taught himself English while working with foreigners. He loves scavenging for useful herbs in the jungle, and also spends his free time photographing wildlife. At the Jungle Life Camp, he will lead our adventure tours down the Sok river, and has a strong background and eye on health and safety of our groups. He enjoys teaching about local building methods and the sustainable resources which the forrest supplies.

P Yuu

Born and raised in Khao Sok, his mother was a farmer and his father a tiger hunter. He graduated from Chaiya Industrial and Community Education College in Motor Engineering and returned home to work in nature conservation. He then had the opportunity to realize his dream: following in the footsteps of King Rama 9 by building an organic vegetable garden to be self-sufficient. There were too many vegetables to eat! So he started giving them away and opened a special cooking class to teach those who are interested how to cook a meal from scratch jungle-style!


My name is Sukhee Kinochita and I’m 53 years old, I was born in Nong Kai , I work for a family that has five members. My mother and 3 kids. I’ve been living at Khao Sok almost 10 years. I’m working here not only to make money but to take care of the family, but I love working as a farmer more than anything


My name is Manus Tongchai and I was born in Nakhon Si Thammarat. I’ve been working in construction before, and then I come to Khao Sok almost 16 years ago with my wife. I worked at the rubber farm and from that I start feeling good to work as a farmer. It’s a good opportunity to work here in the farm and learn the new experience alot here.  


My name is Channarong Wongsin I was born in Pra Sang district also in Suratthani Province. I’ve been living in Khao Sok almost 30 years with my wife and 3 kids. I came to Khao Sok to find a job that make my family have better income. I love to work here as a farmer. Thank you for the opportunity for me krab. 

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