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At Khao Sok Jungle Life Camp


While our full time team is only nine staff, we are grateful for all of the following people for their ongoing support and commitment to making Jungle Life Camp such a big success.

Dick Sandler (Founder)

Sometimes called the founder of eco-tourism in Thailand, he has brought thousands of tourists closer to nature through his sustainable resorts in Krabi, Phang Nga and Khao Sok.

After growing up and falling in love with nature in the USA and then spending fifty years living in Thailand, Dick created Jungle Life Camp to fulfil his dream of making summer camp experiences accessible to the kids of Khao Sok.

Bodhi Garrett (Advisor)

With a background including social entrepreneurship, community organising and disaster relief, Bodhi’s ongoing passion has been to develop grassroots solutions to global issues.

His other projects include community-based tourism with Andaman Discoveries, a school for migrant youth with the North Andaman Foundation, indigenous solidarity with Moken Islands, and efforts in Nepal and Kenya with Global Purpose Group.

Gonthong Lourdesamy (Advisor)

With more than twenty years’ experience as a trainer with a focus on experiential learning, Gonthong developed her areas of interest ranging from environmental education, managing biodiversity in the landscape, and environmental management through teaching plantation staff and management.

Gonthong manages the two resorts that fund the free local education that Jungle Life Camp provides.

Mike (Camp Director)

Mike has over fifteen years’ experience working in outdoor education, and more than ten years’ experience coordinating and facilitating programs in Thailand for international schools.

He is a qualified kayaking instructor and is a Wilderness Advanced First Aider. His main passions are adventure, sustainability and ecology.

Mike believes that outdoor learning is the most powerful form of education and strives to give his students an experience they will never forget.

Shane (Assistant Manager)

With his experience managing some of Khao Sok’s most renowned resorts, and his passion for people and the planet, Shane is a perfect fit for Jungle Life Camp.

Shane sees experience as life’s greatest teacher and applies the same concepts that we use in outdoor education to other aspects of his work and decision making at home.

Shane is a great teacher and role model for others.

Marius (Marketing Manager)

Marius has more than ten years of experience in various tourism-related fields within South East Asia. Some of his stopover destinations include Indonesia, Cambodia, and Laos, where he developed a deep curiosity for culture, nature and adventure-based activities.


Marius prides himself on his strong vision for sustainable operations as well as grassroots approach and cultural diligence.

Jane (Guide/Facilitator)

Jane has experience managing volunteers for conservation projects, running a remote island resort and guiding in the Khao Sok jungle. She reached out to us after hearing the work we do in local education and is now one of our regular facilitators.

Eve (Facilitator)

Eve’s background in running activity camps for international students and as a schoolteacher brings a lot of experience to the team. She has a knack for making everything fun and always brings a lot of energy to her work – even when she’s tired!

Sky (Facilitator)

Sky moved to Khao Sok in 2021 to escape city life. As well as working with Jungle Life Camp, he is a hiking and kayaking guide, and helps with his family’s durian farm. His passion and lovable nature make him a valued member of our team.

Pui (Facilitator)

Coming from a background in logistics, Pui is a hardworking and very organised member of our team. She is a great role model for our campers and has lots of creative ideas for activities.

Friend (Facilitator)

Friend by name and friend by nature, Friend is our most playful facilitator.

Despite his young age he has a natural talent for working with children and a strong desire to learn.

Tawan (Cook)

Tawan is not your typical, hot-headed chef! His experience of cooking both Thai and international food and his calm demeanour make him a great asset to our team.

Ed (Guide)

Ed is one of Khao Sok’s most versatile guides. He loves to joke around but don’t be fooled by his laid-back demeanour – he is extremely knowledgeable and takes his job very seriously.

Yuu Khao Sok Local Guide

You (Guide)

Born and raised in Khao Sok, his mother was a farmer and his father was a tiger hunter. You is well known locally for his work in advocacy for living in harmony with nature and as a skilled forager and cook.

Gai (Guide)

Gai is best known for his birdwatching talents and amazing wildlife photography. He is also passionate about survival skills and loves to share his expertise with our students.

Tar (Farmer)

Tar is from Nong Khai province in the northeast of Thailand. She has been living in Khao Sok for more than ten years. She is a skilled vegetable farmer who really loves her trade. She works hard to provide for her elderly mother and her three kids. If you come to our farm then Tar will gladly give you the grand tour.

Por (Farmer)

Por is a local here. He once moved to Phuket for a year but realised it would be better for him to move back to his hometown. Por loves working with his hands and in his time off you can find him working in his garden at home. He loves to learn new skills and get new experiences.

Pure (Farmer)

Pure was born and raised in Khao Sok. After going to school near Bangkok for a year, he realised city life was not for him and returned home to be once again surrounded by nature. Pure helps to take care of vegetables and plants, but isn’t afraid to get stuck in with the heavy work too.

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