Organic Farm to Table

In Nature’s Playground


As part of Our Jungle Camp’s Farm-to-Table concept and as an essential part of our agricultural Jungle Life school camp outreach, we maintain over 980 square meters of farmland. With both rice paddy fields and gardens, our facilities are the perfect place to teach local and international students about the wide variety of plants found in the subtropics. Our grounds also have an area dedicated to commercial organic agriculture, which supplies Our Jungle Camp’s restaurant and also supports our employees’ needs.

During both primary rice planting seasons in Thailand (for Khao Sok September till the end of November and January until March) the Our Jungle Camp Farm team also nurtures Roselle (Thai Hibiscus) for our special tea’s, desserts and homemade jams served during breakfast at the resort. Our gardens are also used during our cooking classes, bringing students into the organic farm to pick vegetables and herbs straight from the garden beds!

At our Jungle Life local camps, students from the surrounding schools can learn from our three dedicated local farm staff about rice planting, composting, waste separation, and the more extensive plant pollination process through an exhibition of a small stingless beehive. Nearly all of the provided Thai breakfasts, lunches and dinners at Our Jungle Camp are prepared with ingredients grown and harvested at the farm and gardens and offer kids and teachers a sense of food origin.

For the future, the Our Jungle Camp Farm team aims to increase its offering in organic sprouts and more uncommon salad greens in Thailand, like rocket greens, mustard greens, and red oak. Our team will also embark on a venture to conduct seed saving for our Organic Seed Bank, and intends to plant, farm and harvest more non-tropic plants such as cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers, and pumpkins. Along with the plentiful fruit trees available of longan, mangosteen, and rambutan, our Farm Team can be seen busily working daily from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm.

We look forward to sharing our garden grounds with you!

Meet our Khao Sok

Organic Farm Staff 



My name is Sukhee Kinochita and I’m 53 years old, I was born in Nong Kai , I work for a family that has five members. My mother and 3 kids. I’ve been living at Khao Sok almost 10 years. I’m working here not only to make money but to take care of the family, but I love working as a farmer more than anything


My name is Manus Tongchai and I was born in Nakhon Si Thammarat. I’ve been working in construction before, and then I come to Khao Sok almost 16 years ago with my wife. I worked at the rubber farm and from that I start feeling good to work as a farmer. It’s a good opportunity to work here in the farm and learn the new experience alot here.  


My name is Channarong Wongsin I was born in Pra Sang district also in Suratthani Province. I’ve been living in Khao Sok almost 30 years with my wife and 3 kids. I came to Khao Sok to find a job that make my family have better income. I love to work here as a farmer. Thank you for the opportunity for me krab.