Our Vision

All children, regardless of background, are interested and are able to make good decisions in taking care of the environment.

Local Schools

We provide free nature camps for a number of local schools. As young people become more environmentally aware, we work to consolidate and build upon what they learn in school, running fun activities that teach about the amazing ecosystem in Khao Sok and how to look after it – whether you are a farmer, a resort manager or a river guide.

Our camps have proven very popular and we cannot keep up with demand, so please let us know if you would like to sponsor a camp.

Khao Sok Kids

Khao Sok Kids is a free club for local children to come and participate in high quality, hands-on learning experiences.

Whether the children are coming because they love our nature-based activities or they are coming so they can hang out with their friends, we always make sure that we are reinforcing good values and encouraging everyone to take care of each other and the environment. Our three core principles of each day are to integrate fun, knowledge and experience.

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