Our Vision

Khao Sok’s abundant nature is a source of learning for all.

What does this mean?

We try to turn Khao Sok’s unique charm into an accessible and meaningful learning experience for all ages, for both visitors and locals alike. 

Students find natural materials to create pieces of art.

If our vision is to come true, we need to work with the local community to help each other to take care of the natural environment here. For that reason, we run free activities for local children on a regular basis. We are always coming up with new ways to provide local youths with the knowledge, skills and experience required. Here are just a few examples of what this can look like:

  • Local primary schools bring all their Grade 3 – Grade 6 students to our camp once per year. Every year group follows a different curriculum
  • We run activities every weekend for young children based on our four core values.
  • Whilst we work with several secondary schools in Surat Thani, there is only one in Khao Sok. Every year we design a new camp for these students that includes looking at sustainability in their school, as well as hiking, caving and kayaking activities in their area.
  • We run a Youth Empowerment program focusing on local teenagers that includes adventurous activities, service activities, English camps and opportunities to develop leadership skills by working as camp counselors.
  • In the school holidays we run residential camps for local children of all ages, that usually involve an excursion outside of Khao Sok so that we can learn from other communities to broaden our perspectives and come back with new ideas for the future.

In 2023 our free, local activities were attended by over 1,600 people!

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