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In addition to our school activity programs and our Sunday Kids’ Club, we run regular weekend activities, holiday camps and English camps. You can find details of our upcoming events below. If you would like to receive occasional updates to your inbox then you can subscribe to our newsletter. 

27 March: Rainforest Camp

3 April: Junior Farmers

3 – 4 April: Teachers’ Weekend

24 – 25 April: Survival Camp (Eng / ไทย)


Family and Adult Groups

Please email us for more information on family packages, corporate retreats and other activity programs. You can get an idea of the kind of activities available here.

School Programs and Student Groups

We truly believe that Khao Sok is one of the best places in the region for a school excursion. To find out more about our camp and the surrounding area, you can click here.

We have a wide range of activities on offer and plenty of experience in leading school trips to fit a variety of learning objectives. Here is a selection of what we can provide:

More Activities…

  • Adventure Activities
    • Hiking
    • Kayaking
    • Caving
  • Environmental Education
    • Khao Sok Case Study (Geology, History & Ecosystems)
    • Sustainability Course
    • Environmental Service
  • Survival Skills
    • Bamboo Cooking
    • Shelter Building
    • Jungle Camping
  • Culture
    • Making Handicrafts
    • Community Visit
    • Cultural Exchange (Joint Camp with Local Kids)
  • Overnight Excursions
    • Cheow Lan Lake & Rafthouse
    • Beach & Coastal Activities
    • Island Trip
  • More
    • Nature Art
    • Social & Emotional Learning
    • Elephant Park

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