Jungle resort provides life-changing experiences for local kids in southern Thailand

Like other tourist destinations, Khao Sok has been pretty quiet in 2020. However, one resort has found an unusual way to keep its staff busy.

Our Jungle Camp Eco-Resort is home to an outdoor education center that in the 2019-2020 academic year organized 27 free nature camps for local schools and ran activities for over 500 students. After the country went into lockdown the school camps were put on hold but the center, appropriately named Jungle Life Camp, became the focus of attention for staff at the resort instead.

They ran training in sustainability and daily English classes for the receptionists, cleaners and maintenance crew that otherwise had little to do. Many of them also got their hands dirty by helping to work on the organic farm at the camp.

Our new, flood-resistant, raised vegetable beds

Now that the situation in Thailand has improved, Our Jungle Camp Eco-Resort is open to visitors again and the education center is able to welcome excited kids to learn about nature once more. And some of the resort staff are also helping to run the weekend activities!

Our weekend camps have become popular with local kids

According to Mike Horrocks, the Camp Director, “we already had a strong team of experienced educators and really inspirational guides but it’s great that we now employ some of the resort staff too. They have been so enthusiastic about supporting the local community.”

“Our latest camp was all about insects. The kids went out catching bugs so that we could study them and determine which species are helpful and which are harmful to our farm. In the previous few days we had also collected some big, juicy rhino beetle larvae, a beautiful hawkmoth caterpillar and a few other big insects for them to practice holding.”

A rhino beetle that we found on the farm

Khao Sok is home to one of the oldest and most biodiverse rainforests on the planet and so it is a great place to immerse yourself in nature. Our Jungle Camp Eco-Resort funds the camp with the profits from its iconic treehouse accommodation, its riverside restaurant and by running tours into the national park. The camp also offers family activities and longer activity programs for non-local schools.