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Jungle Life Camp has a wide range of activities and learning curriculum available for international students. We can work for your group in several ways:

– We design and host a complete program for a week of fun and environmental education at Khao Sok National Park
– We offer our site and facilities to international student groups with the detailed program worked out between us and the institution.
– You use our facilities for a few days as part of a longer program for your group in and around Thailand
– We have developed a number of modules which can be built into any of the above optional programs.


Individual Activities

Cheow Lan Village, Hydroelectric Dam & Lake Exploration (Full Day)

Cheow Lan Lake as one of the first Hydroelectric Power Projects in Thailand offers great learning opportunities about sustainable forms of energy production, its drawbacks, and influences on the local population and natural environment. Join the Jungle Life Camp on an inspection to the ground floor of the towering Hydroelectric Dam, observe the turbines who create all electricity for Surat Thani, Phuket and other larger cities in Southern Thailand. Before you embark on a local Long Tail Boat to explore the vast Karst Mountain ranges Cheow Lan Lake is so famous for, you will stop at the 3 Kings, the most well-known landmark of Cheow Lan Lake. You will have sufficient time for swimming and relaxation before anchoring at Macha Raft House, where a local lunch will be served. A government Ranger will explain their Fishery efforts in the lake and the general ecosystem which is unique to all of Thailand. You will return to the Pier at around 3:00 pm, from where you will continue to Ban Cheow Lan Community Weaving Project to learn more about the outreach of the local Woman’s group. Before you return to Khao Sok you will enter the fruit orchards of Ban Khao Phang, where Durian and other local Thai fruits are now ripe to be consumed. You return to Our Jungle Camp at around 6:00 pm

Educational Elephant Experience (Half Day)

Jungle Life Camp understands the greater issue of Wildlife based Tourism and the Domestication of Elephants in Thailand, we are well equipped to educate about the prevailing issues and are committed to making a difference. We are able to facilitate an interactive open classroom session and discussion about the gentle giants their deep roots in Thai culture and the local life of the Mahouts (Elephant Caretakers). Through an exciting visit to our elected Elephant Sanctuary, students can observe and learn about the dilemma first hand and can contribute towards Elephant Welfare and Conservation via supporting the right organizations. The tour combines two hours of classroom education, one hour of food preparation and education at the Elephant Sanctuary as well as around one hour of soft interaction with the retired individuals during a skin caring mudbath and following pool scrub. You will leave the Sanctuary with extended knowledge about the creatures and the current welfare issue along with memorable pictures.

Khao Sok River Analysis (Half Day)

Join the Jungle Life Educator on his short stroll towards the Sok River, setup your laboratory for the river and vertebrate analysis. After a short health and safety introduction to the river environment, you will head into the water to measure the speed of the river on the given day, measure the pH level and compare it with previous measurements. What are the reasons for the change? Furthermore, you will catch, classify and analyze the insect present in the watershed, which purpose do they fulfill and what will happen if they leave? Take your findings towards our Jungle Life open classroom where you will continue the lesson on a bigger scale and scope, discussing the general connection and value of water and it´s pollution in our Worlds environment and general ecosystem. The unit will end with educational games revealing the importance of water management.

Rungfah Organic Farm, Thai Cooking and Foraging (Half Day)

Jungle Life´s Educator and facilitator Khun Yuu will welcome you at his close by located organic farm in the early morning after a short introduction to his employed farming methods and a Q&A session you will embark on a short jungle hike, where you will harvest ingredients for your to be prepared local Thai Lunch, he will show you how to split freshly harvested coconuts, how to prepare the coconut meat to be used in delicious Thai Curries as well as how to steam and serve in Bamboo Tubes. This half-day tour offers you with great insights into still prevailing local lifestyle in and around Khao Sok.

Shelter Building and Survival Skills (Half Day / Full Day)

The Jungle Life Camp Educator will hold an open classroom session to discuss the unique natural environment Khao Sok has to offer as well as what techniques are required to survive in the rainforest.

You will then depart to Our Jungle Trails, which lead throughout the larger property, during the nature walk our educator will explain about the application of forest plants
as medicine, edible roots and plants, sources of fresh water as well as what to track and trap.
We will further forage for building materials, like rattan, tree bark to make natural ropes and
bamboo for the at the riverbank conducted shelter building. Your students will learn hands on and in teams about different building techniques and the preparation of natural materials. The aim is to build a raised platform with natural palm roofing just from the readily available natural materials. The activity will conclude in the later afternoon with fireplace preparation and techniques on how to start a fire with only natural materials.

Also available for this activity:

Catching fish in the river with bamboo
Raft building
Tracking and trap building

Camp Fire Cook-Out, Thai Local Music & Night Safari (Evening /Night)

After an adventure-filled day, a reflection of the conducted educational activities will be made around our campfire set up in close proximity to the Sok River. You will listen to nature noises ceasing down as the sunsets and our local musician starts playing guitar tunes. We will cater for a BBQ Styled Campfire Cook Out finished with Smores and Stick Bread. The Evening can then be ended with a short night safari over our private Jungle Hikes before it is time for bed at around 10:00 pm.

If the evening program isn’t enough, the Jungle Life Camp Team is happy to facilitate a later evening streaming of Nature Education movies with our Outdoor Cinema Setup.

Itinerary Program PDF sample:

4D3N Camp Itinerary Lakes & Rain Forest


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