Guide Training at Jungle Life Camp

On the 7th and 8th of September, we held a Guide Training at the Jungle Life Camp to collectively work on solutions and approaches for itineraries of school camps coming to stay with us. 

Guide writing on a whiteboard

With a total of twelve people present, we exchanged ideas, ranging from planning diverse activities for nature education lessons to deciding upon which subjects to implement into our study programs, depending on different nationalities. As some of our guides haven’t had much experience with teaching foreign students in groups, it proved itself very efficient to gather knowledge from more experienced guides. Understanding the nature of children, structuring different classes based on diverse topics and knowing when to implement which kind of knowledge are all in all very interesting and intriguing matters, yet quite complex to plan. 

However, with everyone motivated to help and ready to turn action into matter at our guide training, our team is empowered to target challenges and come up with fresh, exciting ideas. It is essential for us to shine a light on problems that have been present in past camps, in turn searching for solutions as a group and bringing our ideas, knowledge and experiences together to avoid any recurring problems for future camps. 

All in all, our team hopes to be able to make a substantial impact on the students attending our camps. Our aim is to provide knowledge on how to care about the environment by applying sustainable lifestyle changes, incorporating the importance of culture, healthy food, and diverse languages into day-to-day lives. We are determined to make Jungle Life Camp an open environment for exchanging knowledge and having students deepen their connection with not only nature and their environment, but with each other as classmates and human beings. 

Learning about plant applications in the jungle

Our team makes huge efforts to constantly improve ideas for the itineraries of school camps staying with us. We always look forward to hear from anyone that is interested in working with us or attending our camp at Jungle Life Camp in Khao Sok, Southern Thailand. 

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