The Khao Sok Jungle 

Nestled in Tropical paradise

Jungle Life Camp is located in Khao Sok – one of the best-preserved and most beautiful national parks in Thailand.

Khao Sok is known for several reasons:

It is one of the oldest rainforests in the world

Our jungle surroundings are part a 160-million-year-old ecosystem! This is a rarity on Earth because it was one of the few areas to escape the cold of the last big ice age. This means it has an abundance of ancient plants that have been around since the dinosaurs, like the giant staghorn ferns that you can find growing on our trees around the camp.

It is full of huge, limestone cliffs

Just like Guilin in China and Halong Bay in Vietnam, Khao Sok is known for its dramatic limestone karsts. In fact, there is a 300m tall cliff view awaiting everyone when they open their bedroom door at our camp!

There is plenty to do

Our favourite activities include kayaking on Cheow Lan Lake, hiking and swimming in the forest, visiting a secret underground waterfall, cooking in bamboo in front of our jungle tents, tubing on the river that runs past our camp and, of course…

Night Safaris!

The national park is home to a wide variety of mammal species such as Asian elephant, gaur, sambar deer, slow loris, civet, sun bear, Asian black bear, Malayan tapir, macaques, gibbons, flying lemurs, serow, mouse deer, porcupines, pangolins, marbled cat, wild boar, and many more – not to mention the assortment of reptiles, insects, and birdlife, including several hornbill species. Did we mention that Khao Sok is a nature lover’s dream?

Many of these animals are best seen at night and, while no sighting is guaranteed, anyone with an open mind and an interest in the natural world will love the unique experience of going out spotting wildlife after dark. Even if you do not have time for a Night Safari, you have a great chance of hearing gibbons right from our camp and seeing macaques, crimson sun birds, great hornbills, flying lizards and other animals just by walking around our premises!

Jungle Life Camp

Our facilities

We currently have 6 dorm rooms for student groups with a capacity of 36 people, plus en-suite accommodation for teachers. However, we are used to hosting groups larger than this so please get in touch to see what your options are.

Between our camp and our two host resorts, our property includes several beautiful river spots for activities, 32,000m² of private rainforest with over 4km of nature education trails, a small sports field, a comfortable camping ground, a small rubber orchard and our very own sustainable farm.

We recognise that good food is essential to a fun field trip experience, so we promise you won’t be disappointed. Our friendly cooks can provide great Thai and Western food, which is served in our camp dining hall. We are happy to cater to all dietary requirements.


Next Door at Our Jungle Camp

Eco Resort & Restaurant 

Perfect for families, Our Jungle Camp Eco-Resort boasts single- and double-storey tree houses, comfortable bungalows, bamboo huts, and adobe earth houses.

At Our Jungle Camp, the reception, restaurant and bar are built from bamboo and renewable materials and all decisions are made with one careful eye on their environmental impact.