The Khao Sok Jungle 

Nestled in Tropical paradise


As the largest mainland national park destination in Southern Thailand, Khao Sok National Park is the perfect place for nature education. The region is what remains of one of the oldest tropical evergreen rainforest in the world, a 160-million-year-old ecosystem.

Some of the spectacular vistas and main adventures in the park include iconic limestone karsts, waterfalls, fossilized coral caves, hiking through lush jungle, bird watching, animal tracking, staying on locally operated raft houses and more. Both human-made streams and natural winding rivers are used to enjoy safe and fun activities such as tubing or rafting – often conducted on the Sok River located right on the property of Jungle Life Camp and Our Jungle Camp-Resort.

The National Park itself is home to a wide variety of mammal species such as Asian Elephant, Gaur, Sambar Deer, Sun Bear, Asian Black Bear, Malayan Tapir, Macaques, Gibbons, Serow, Mouse-Deer, Porcupines, Marbled Cat, Wild Boar, Asiatic Wild Dog and many more not to mention the assortment of reptiles, insects, and birdlife such as Great Hornbill, Helmeted Hornbill, Ospreys, Brahminy Kite, Blue-Banded Kingfisher, found both in the park and around our camp.

With skilled, knowledgable guides, and professional educators, our domestic and international students get a chance for life-changing experiences discovering the meaning of biodiversity and conservation. Students also leave our camps having learned real-life skills, understanding local traditional crafts, and spend time outdoors having fun-filled adventures!

Jungle Life Camp

Our facilities

Jungle Life Camp along with Our Jungle Camp and Our Jungle House maintain their own private paradise of 32,000m² pristine rainforest, crossed by over 4km of nature education trails and their own resident Naturalist conducting research on-site at all times at our organic farm.

We have hosted local and international school groups as well as corporate retreats of up to 45 participants in our modest camp and tent facilities, which let participants indulge with nature while providing learning and team-building possibilities. 

Our Facilities Include:

— 140m² of protected educational space and classrooms with access to the sok river and the national park

— Camp Director House ( 1 Double ) western-style bathroom

— 2 Teacher Rooms (1 Single / 1 Double) western-style bathrooms

— 2 Gender Separated Dormitories for 20 students

— Gender Separated Bucket Showers /  squat toilets

— Camp Hall w/ kitchen facilities close to our organic farm (120m²) sits 20 students

— Space for camping, sport & outdoor activities w/ sports equipment on-site

—Additional lodging available on property at Our Jungle Camp Eco Resort

Next Door at Our Jungle Camp

Eco Resort & Restaurant 

Visit our Farm-To-Table restaurant where our expert chef blends traditional and modern Thai cuisine using ingredients from our organic farm. Our Jungle Camp’s accommodation boasts several tree houses, bungalows, bamboo huts, and adobe earth houses.

At Our Jungle Camp, the reception, restaurant and bar are built from bamboo and renewable materials. In protecting our environment, no effort is too small: we use biodegradable sugar cane products instead of plastics and reusable metal straws.